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Cathy Butler

Cathy with Kermit.

Cathy (with a C) tried out for the remake of the movie Willard and missed it by a whisker.

Cathy Showing off one of her rodents

She's our "Rat Lady" and official rodent rancher for Aqualand.  She hand feeds hookbills and raises beau coup critters at home -- dogs, ducks, zebra mice and other assorted animals.  She says she likes her rodents better than her renters.

Cathy even has her own incubator at home.  She likes raising little critters.

Cathy deciding what to feed one of our constrictors.

When not working with her rodents, Cathy fills in on other jobs.  She does a heck of a job waiting on customers.

Remember the Pied Piper?  In addition to the rats, Cathy nearly always has a gaggle of kids following her around.

Cathy doing her thing

And her other thing.

And her other other thing.

Out of uniform but still working.

Since she works only part-time at Aqualand, you may wonder what she does in real life.  You may have seen her working security at various locations around town.

3600 Sixth Avenue

Corner of Sixth & Euclid Avenues

Des Moines, IA 50313

515 283-0300



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