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Kellie Greenwood (when she first started).

Out of uniform, of course.  Kellie appears to like Tigger better than our Aqualand catfish.  Kellie likes all critters -- especially birds.

Best known as the "Bird Girl of Alcatraz Aqualand," Kellie helps customers find male canaries that sing.  She takes care of the entire bird room -- cleaning cages, feeding, watering, checking for eggs, sweeping, and mopping.  

Birds make a real mess.  A 100 birds make 100 times as much mess.  That's why we need Kellie.

Kellie also fills in across the aisle in our rodent room.  On Cathy's days off,  Kellie takes care of our rodents.

Kellie also works with our lizards.

And did we mention she waits on customers?  Yup, she works in the fish room, too.  Give her a bottle of spring water and a coiple donuts and she works her tail off.

Kellie giving an albino rat a  tour or vice versa

She fills in for other crew members quite often.

Kellie showing one way to hold a rabbit.

Kellie feeding three baby hookbills.

Kellie fooling with a sun conure.

Kellie Super Star thinking the camera was not on.

Kellie trying to feed the fish in the third row.

Kellie cleaning the bottom of a bird cage.

Still at work.

Kellie cleaning the bottom of Aqualand.

Kellie with her bird room ear plugs.

Why do Aqualand bettas look so good?  Blame it on Kellie.

Ordering more bettas.

Not always an indoor job.

Kellie making her daughter do Kellie's job.

Sabrina, mother's little (?) helper.

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