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Martha Oliver

Teaching our African grey to talk

Martha figures payroll, pays the bills, and fights the mess we generate at Aqualand.  Dust and litter tend to generate spontaneously -- with a little help from our critters (both caged and on the payroll).

Martha answering questions before we open.

Martha's pet peeves include loose electricity, heavy snows, and dust.  She figures our specials and arranges our shelves.  (Actually, she's been with us longer than our shelves.)  When we add new products, she shoehorns them in.


Our official payday falls on Thursday.  However, everyone runs out of loot over the weekend, so she moved the unofficial payday up to Monday.

Fiddling with unweaned macaw

Martha also helps determine markups and set prices.  She keeps the books and prepares price charts.

Martha doing her thing

And, she takes care of customers out front and runs the register.  Her least favorite job:  measuring out the live blackworms. 

3600 Sixth Avenue

Corner of Sixth & Euclid Avenues

Des Moines, IA 50313

515 283-0300



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