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Mr. Mike on the phone.

Mike Jensen's been with us a couple years decades now.  He runs the joint on Saturdays.  You'll also see him on Monday afternoons, Tusdays, and Fridays.

Mike has good number skills but tends to crash computers.  And has trouble counting pennies.  Otherwise, he's A+ on the books.

Tastes mighty good.

Mr. Mike (and shirt) looking a decade older.

Mr. Mike Trying on a boa for size..


Mike builds some of our displays.  Here he stands next to a pile of 32 forty- pound bags of Nutro dog food.  We cropped the pic a bit because the stack was too tall..

The food's under his elbow.

Mike spends most of his time waiting on customers.  They like Mike.  He could run for president with that slogan.   Occasionally he works the fish room but mostly runs the register and the phone.

He likes the phone a lot.

Mr.  Mike also gives "Critter Talks" at schools (wih live examples).

Mike moving an 18-inch tiger shovelnose.

Mike talking to customers.

Yes, he keeps critters at home -- in addition to his kids.

Mike taking care of business.

Catching a ball python the hard way.

3600 Sixth Avenue

Corner of Sixth & Euclid Avenues

Des Moines, IA 50313

515 283-0300



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