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Paul Greene in last millennium's uniform.

"Mr. Greene," as his third grade class calls him, runs Aqualand on Sundays and Holidays.

Paul heads up our Customer Seminar program.  He chairs it, takes care of  door prizes, and arranges for guest speakers when needed.

He also invented our Aqualand Greene Backs program, which awards our Greene Backs (worth $1 each in Aqualand merchandise) to students with good spelling scores.

Paul helping a customer.  Where's that grin?

There it is.

Much better grin.  Must be the tarantula.

Paul shortened his hours now that he's adopted three children from Russia.  He asked how come no one took care of "his" tank while he was in Rooskieville?  He thinks he totes this load by himself.

Paul in action in 90-gallon tank.

Paul assisted by Chris

Well, alone perhaps, except for the crew that helps him -- not all pictured here.

Paul in beard and granny glasses.

Paul rassling a bucket.

Paul teaches third grade in real life.  He also teaches Karate.  Good combo.

3600 Sixth Avenue

Corner of Sixth & Euclid Avenues

Des Moines, IA 50313

515 283-0300



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